Dave “Vegas Dave” Oancea Loses $1 Million Bet On Miesha Tate Fight

High stakes gambler Dave Oancea has been known to post his tickets from his epic wagers to his Instagram account. No doubt the internet was buzzing when Dave posted his $1 million bet on Miesha Tate to defeat Amanda Nunez.


Vegas Dave was betting $1 million to win about $250k since Miesha Tate was such a heavy favorite. Turns out things didn’t turn out so well for Dave and Miesha. Miesha Tate quickly lost in the first round after literally having her nose smashed in and broken and then she was submitted.

Vegas Dave literally lost $1 million in 30 seconds. What makes it worse is that Dave could’ve won over $2 million easy had he taken Nunez and he went from MMA legend to MMA bust in a matter of seconds.

Dave apparently wasn’t too upset and took the loss like a champ.