CRAZY VIDEO: This Kid Has Balls Of Steel! He Jumps Between Two 25 Story Skyscrapers

This kid is an absolute madman. We mean that in a good way. The brief clip below features “British daredevil Max Cave” making the leap between two 25-story skyscrapers in jaw dropping slow-motion footage from Hong Kong.


He’s 25 stories up in the air. He has no harness. He has no parachute.

He looks like he’s dressed to play a casual game of basketball at the local YMCA.

Nope. This kid just casually clears the jump and goes about his day like nothing happened.

“He jumps and lands on a tiny 15cm-wide platform right on the edge of the next building.” Talk about a slim margin of error. Miss by a few centimeters and you’re a dead man. It’s amazing how skilled this guy is and how calm he remains in order to pull something like this off.