WTF: Woman Claims She Was “Sexually Assaulted” By “Wee Wee” Toy At Tennessee Hibachi Restaurant


Welcome to America. Home of the free and the brave. Where everybody and anybody is entitled to file the most frivolous of lawsuits in an attempt to make some easy cash.

You spilled hot coffee on your lap? Don’t worry, it wasn’t your fault, just sue Starbucks. Oh, you’re super obese? Don’t worry, it’s not your fault, just sue McDonald’s.

Today’s story is no different. A woman in Tennessee called police from a local Hibachi restaurant claiming she was “sexually assaulted” by a “wee wee” toy.

Yes, you heard that right. This woman was squirted by a water gun that was made to appear like a man urinating and she and her husband felt the need to call and try to file police charges.

“IT PEED ON ME, BASICALLY!” says Isabelle, the woman accusing the restaurant of sexually assaulting her. “He shot water out of his penis, how’s that?” says James, Isabelle’s husband. “Out of its wee wee area” adds Isabelle for further clarification.

Watch the video below: