Little Girl Loses It After Eating Cotton Candy For First Time At Baseball Game

The search term “Cotton Candy Girl” has absolutely exploded over the last few days and for good reason.

“Cotton Candy Girl”, also known by her real name Beatrix Hart, is a 3 year-old-girl that was spotted by the t.v. cameras at the Mariners game a few days ago enjoying some blue cotton candy. This was the first time Beatrix had tried cotton candy and she absolutely lost it.

Also, she was probably riding an INSANE sugar high by the looks of it. She was chowing down on the high fructose corn concoction at an unprecedented rate.

Beatrix’s dad, Jake Hart, happened to post a picture on Twitter depicting the aftermath of the baseball game and Beatrix’s cotton candy adventure.

A local news station happened to catch up with Beatrix after the game. They asked why she thought the internet had been going crazy over her video and she let them know, “Because I was being silly with my cotton candy, and I was eating it all.”