NFL Ref Makes One Of The Worst Fumble Recovery Calls In History Of Football!

This Is One Of The Worst Calls In The History Of The NFL!

The following video took place this past Sunday during the Cleveland Browns vs. Washington Redskins game. Duke Johnson, the Cleveland Browns running back, can be seen carrying the ball when he gets hit by a Redskins player and then fumbles the ball.

A dog pile then takes place and at first it’s hard to see which team has possession of the ball. The referee, who by the way is the only female NFL ref, then runs out and calls it Redskins ball with the utmost supreme confidence. Too bad the ball is no longer in the scrum…


If you look closely at the video below and above screenshot, as she’s saying with absolute certainty that it’s Redskins ball, the Browns can be clearly seen holding the ball outside of the pile. Whoops!

The NFL executives then doubled down on the ruling claiming there was insufficient evidence and that a player holding possession of the ball outside of the pile doesn’t mean he won the recovery. In actuality they’re trying to protect the only female referee from embarrassment and taking her side.

The conspiracy is very real! Watch the video below: