Biker Makes A Guy Take Off Sons Of Anarchy Vest Because He “Didn’t Earn It”

Sons Of Anarchy Is A Fictional TV Show! Not A Real Biker Club…

I’m not really even sure what to say about the following video, except WOW! Some biker  approaches a young guy at a gas station wearing a “Sons Of Anarchy” motorcycle vest and asks him where he got the vest. The young guy responds by saying he’s not sure and his “girlfriend bought it for him”.

The biker then begins lecturing the young guy about how he “should be real careful wearing that”. He says he shouldn’t be wearing it because “he didn’t earn it”.

First of all, we need to dissect who the bigger douche is in the situation. Is it the guy who wears a sweet Sons of Anarchy leather vest out in public, or is it the guy who approaches him telling him to take off the fictional biker club vest because he didn’t earn it and plenty of people died to get those patches? I would say they’re about even.

If you watch closely, the young guy in the vest then proceeds to have a mini panic attack because he tries to go the cool route by lighting a cigarette (AT A GAS STATION) and he can’t manage to hold it in his hands.

The biker gives him a final warning and says he should take the vest from him but he’s not going to because it’s daytime. What a cool guy! The young guy doesn’t even stand up for himself and completely caves in by taking the vest off and thanking the biker for the warning he gave him.

All I’m saying is, I would love to see the same biker guy recording the video have the courage to walk up to some Crips or Bloods in L.A. and tell them they can’t wear their gang colors. I doubt it would ever happen.

Watch this amazing showdown below: