WTF: Security Video Shows Parent Punching A Random 7-Year-Old In The Stomach In School Hallway!

Source: CNN
Source: CNN

The following video and incidents that occurred are absolutely astounding. John McLean, a 7-year-old student that attends Kipp DC Spring Academy in Washington, D.C., was playing in the hallways of his school, when a parent of another child  happened to be walking by and decided to punch him in the stomach.

The child does nothing to provoke the situation and the unidentified parent punches McLean in the stomach and continues walking before briefly turning back to look at the child for a moment.

Lena McLean, John’s mother, asked the school for surveillance video of the incident after her son told her what took place.

ABC 7 interviewed John and asked him “How bad did it hurt?”, to which John replies, “Real bad, it made my stomach painful.”

ABC 7 also interviewed Lena McLean and she had this to say:¬†“You don’t bully a child. You don’t torment a child. I wouldn’t do that to you. I wouldn’t do that to none of your kids. I’ll feel much better when he is locked up.”

The parent in question has yet to be identified but local law enforcement is making all efforts to find the person responsible.

Watch the video below: