“Real” Spiderman Helps A Security Guard Subdue A Shoplifter In Toronto

Source: YouTube/ABC News
Source: YouTube/ABC News

It’s a typical day in the life of Spiderman.

Mark Zilio, aka “Peter Parkour”, Toronto’s “Real-life Spiderman” is a busker and street performer who engages in acrobatic stunts throughout the streets of Downtown Toronto while dressed as fictional Marvel superhero Spiderman.

Zilio, who was working a part-time job for Halloween at a costume store, found himself in a situation where his real superhero courage was tested. His spider senses kicked in and he became aware of a shoplifter in the nearby area.

“Oddly enough on Halloween, the one day when there’s the most Spidermen around, not just me, is the day when I actually wind up stopping a crime,” Zilio is quoted as saying.

A bystander recorded cell phone footage of Zilio in full Spiderman gear and a security guard taking down a female shoplifter who was trying elude capture.

The female shoplifter actually purchased a costume from the store, but on her way out she decided to grab a few free items without paying for them. Classic shoplifting move.

“With great power comes great responsibility.”