Police Dashcam Video Shows Woman Stealing Cop Car After Escaping Handcuffs

Source: YouTube/PoliceActivity
Source: YouTube/PoliceActivity

This video is crazy… and so is the woman who is the prime suspect in the aforementioned video. You might be asking yourself why someone would be stupid enough to try and break free from police custody and steal a cruiser, but the woman in the video, Jennifer Hillard, had just recently been arrested for arson and possession of methamphetamine.

At that point, what do you have to lose? You’re already going down for arson and you’re probably high out of your mind on meth, so why not take things a bit further.

Police and fire crews were dispatched to an apartment building on the 500 block of Broadway on a fire alarm sounding and smoke coming from the building. When they arrived first responders found a fire burning on the living room floor and put it out. It seemed at first that no one was home but officers soon heard a crash and discovered a female’s leg hanging out of the ceiling of the laundry room. An officer retrieved a ladder and was about ready to climb up and look into the ceiling when Hillard crashed through the ceiling tiles and landed hard on the ground.

Officers then found a glass pipe and meth and promptly handcuffed and arrested Hillard. The police officers left Hillard alone in the backseat of the police cruiser for quite some time and she decided to pull a Harry Houdini maneuver. She freed herself from the handcuffs and climbed into the front seat of the police cruiser and commandeered it. She was registered hitting speeds up to 126 mph.

Hillard was captured in about 15 minutes after police put out stop strips on the highway, but she was able to drive 20 miles in that time span.

Watch the video below: