Just Another Day In Peru: Man Lying In Muddy River Mistaken As Being Dead But Really Just Has A Hangover

Source: YouTube/1M9B91
Source: YouTube/1M9B91

I wonder how this conversation went: “Call the coroner, we found a dead body in the river! Wait a second, never mind… don’t make that call, it’s just a drunk guy who passed out in the river!”

Peruvian Jorge Luis was pulled out of a muddy river after he was found lying there lifeless by police. They pulled him out, tied him up to a stretcher, declared him dead, and loaded him up on the back of a truck and were about to take this guy to the morgue.

Just hold on a second though. Jorge finally decided to wake up and alert the authorities that he just had a crazy night out and was just hungover after one too many Jägerbombs and Jose Cuervo shots.

In all seriousness though, once Jorge was found to be alive and hosed off after being completely covered in mud, he was taken to the hospital with severe alcohol poisoning and hypothermia.

This is a classic “can’t handle your liquor” scenario. Get a bit too wasted, pass out lifeless in the local mud swamp, and then get mistaken for being a dead guy. Jorge woke up just in time to watch the Peru vs. Ecuador “futbol” match.