David Blaine Goes On Jimmy Fallon And Confirms That He’s A Sorcerer! You Won’t Believe What He Does…

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

As you can see from the picture above, Questlove is absolutely shocked at what David Blaine just pulled off. He’s actually both stunned and disgusted.

David Blaine has a new magic special airing this upcoming Tuesday, and he stopped by Fallon to do a little bit of magic to promote the special. He did a few card tricks, some of which have been seen in previous specials, but they’re still amazing.

One in particular that he did is fantastic where Black Thought from The Roots holds 10 cards up to his chest and David Blaine magically adds additional cards to the pile without ever touching the deck or coming close to it. Is it magic? Probably not, but it’s incredible.

The real stunner comes at the end of the clip though. Jimmy asks David if there are any specific new tricks he’ll be showing, and David mentions a 100-year-old trick called the “human aquarium”, in which a man was able to store live creatures in his stomach and regurgitate them up at will.

Blaine then proceeds to chug a glass of water, at which point the crowd realizes what’s about to happen and audibly starts getting squeamish. Blaine then tilts his head back and casually throws up a live frog into his drinking glass. Everyone loses their minds including the crowd, Fallon, and The Roots. Just for good measure, David Blaine then decides to put the frog back in his home and swallows him up to finish off the trick. Incredible…

Watch the video below: