Bill Simmons Gets Owned By Cris Collinsworth Through A Single Tweet


Bill Simmons and Cris Collinsworth just ignited a brand new beef that could rival the likes of Tupac and Biggie or 50 Cent and Ja Rule.

You may be asking yourself why Collinsworth and Simmons are beefing in the first place? During the recent Super Bowl XLIX rematch between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks, Simmons decided to take a shot at Collinsworth on Twitter, who was handling the in-game commentary for that particular game.

“Somebody needs to gently break the news to Collinsworth that the Pats have a weak front 7 and that’s why Seattle’s o-line looks good,” Simmons tweeted.

Shots fired! Shots fired!

Simmons just recently signed a multi-year development deal with HBO, and the first creation they worked on together was Simmons’ show “Any Given Wednesday”, which crashed and burned pretty horribly. The show was supposed to be a raw take on everything going on in the sports world and also had celebrity guest interviews and discussion panels.

Collinsworth was very aware of the fate of Simmons’ show. Once he saw Simmons’ tweet, he fired one off of his own:

“Thanks Bill, we’ll look for you ‘gently’ breaking it down on that hit show of yours,” Collinsworth tweeted, and then quickly deleted.

Ouch. What a burn. To make things worse for Simmons, Collinsworth is the commentator for NBC, who just had massively high ratings during Sunday’s game due to the election being over and the strength of the matchup.