Ohio State Student Shoves Anti-Trump Protester Giving A Speech Down A Flight Of Stairs

Source: OSU/The Lantern
Source: OSU/The Lantern

Ohio State students were organizing a peaceful protest rally to demonstrate their opposition for president-elect Donald Trump. Timothy Adams, the man seen above wearing the plaid shirt and scarf, was addressing the crowd of protesters through a bullhorn.

Out of nowhere, a man comes charging down the stairs and screams out, “You idiot!”

He then shoves Timothy Adams from behind with full force. Adams goes flying face first down the stairs and lands at the bottom of staircase. The crowd immediately gasps in disbelief.

A few of the protesters then surround the assailant with one of them screaming out, “Hey homeboy, what’s up?”, and then punching the striped shirt attacker a few times. Police are on the scene within seconds of the attack taking place, meaning they were already on the premises and most likely monitoring the rally in the first place.

The crowd then starts chanting, “Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!”, to the attacker as he is being taken into custody by the police.

Shane Michael Stanton, the student who attacked the protester, was charged with one count of misdemeanor assault and placed on indefinite suspension from the university, according to court records and reports from the Lantern, the student newspaper.

The attackers exact motives aren’t known but he seems to have been clearly motivated by political purposes. Nationwide Trump protests have been sweeping major cities across the US since the election results last week.

Watch the shocking video below: