Thousands Of Dead Fish Overflow An Entire Canal In Hamptons Bay, NY

This is insane! Tens of thousands of dead fish overflowed a canal in Hamptons Bay, NY.

These are apparently called bunker fish. The scientific explanation being proposed is that these fish were likely chased into the canal by some kind of large predatory fish and were stuck once the canal gates were shut for the night.

Due to the sheer volume of fish and the relative small size of the canal, the fish drained the water of all the oxygen and then began to die.

Some lucky fishermen heard about this early on and were there to scoop up handfuls of free dead fish in the morning before the dead fish were released into the bay.

Environmental experts are now testing the water for toxicity or other harmful elements. Local officials are saying there’s nothing to be worried about and it shouldn’t have an effect on the water.

That’s the same exact thing officials from Flint, Michigan were telling the local residents as well, and we all know how that turned out. I’d be skeptical until I see some hard scientific evidence.