Stephen Hawking Says Mankind Only Has 1,000 Years Left On Earth Before Mass Extinction


Stephen Hawking is “back at it again with the white Vans Daniel.” Hawking in recent years has been spouting visions of doom and gloom for all of humanity and his recent comments are no different.

Hawking believes that humanity has less than a thousand years left on Earth before some kind of mass extinction event wipes everyone out. His comments came during a recent speech at Oxford University.

Hawking believes that the only way the human race can survive is to begin colonizing other planets, a feat which he says we’re still at least 100 years away from being able to accomplish.

Technological advances will be the downfall of this great planet according to Hawking. He was preaching similar rhetoric earlier this year at other scientific conferences.

“We face a number of threats to our survival from nuclear war, catastrophic global warming, and genetically engineered viruses,” he said in January 2016. “The number is likely to increase in the future, with the development of new technologies, and new ways things can go wrong. Although the chance of a disaster to planet Earth in a given year may be quite low, it adds up over time.”

NASA has been hard at work discovering earth-like inhabitable planets, which 20 years ago was merely a thought of fiction, now disproved thanks to exponential advances in telescopic technology.

So far over 2,000 planets have been discovered by the scientific community which can support human life. Given that some scientists believe the universe is ever-expanding and could be infinite in size, there’s likely thousands if not hundreds of thousands of other inhabitable planets that have yet to be discovered.

Let’s hope for the sake of mankind that Hawking is wrong, but with the current rate of population expansion and resource consumption, our Earth does likely have an expiration date as it can only support billions of people for only so long.

Besides Hawking’s warnings of technological doom, mankind is also quickly running out fresh water in plenty of regions throughout the world, and researchers are saying that the cost of a gallon of water could far exceed the cost of a gallon of gasoline within the next 50 years.