Tech CEO Earning $5 Million A Year Fired For Threatening To Take Out Trump With Sniper Rifle


Matt Harrigan, former CEO of tech company PacketSled Inc., just made the biggest mistake of his life. Harrigan was very emotional about the recent election results and he decided to voice his emotional thoughts after a night of some heavy drinking (so he says).

Most people usually go on Facebook or Twitter and voice their mild displeasure or some logical structured reasons for why they dislike a specific candidate. Not Harrigan. This guy just signs onto Facebook and lets it rip with no hesitation whatsoever.


Yes… you read that accurately. Harrigan just straight up said he is going to murder Trump. Then when someone comments saying he’s going to have the FBI on him, he just responds with “Bring it.” You can’t deny that this is one ballsy man. He then continues:


Yep… by the way, let’s reiterate that this is a tech executive who earns upwards of $5 million dollars a year saying this, not some random conspiracy nut. Well it turns out that Harrigan just kissed that $5 million dollar salary bye bye, as his company PacketSled caught wind of the comments and the board/investors weren’t too happy at all.

They forced Harrigan to resign as CEO one day after finding out about his Facebook comments.

It turns out that you can’t be a tech CEO by day and a vigilante sniper by night. If there is any silver lining in the situation at all, it’s that Harrigan now has all the free time in the world to actually become a vigilante sniper.