WTF: D.C. Teen Tries To Shoot A Man At Point Blank Range Over A Pair Of Jordans

Source: WorldStarHipHop
Source: WorldStarHipHop

A Jordan shoe sale was taking place in Washington D.C., and it turned very ugly, very quickly. The seller, seen above in the red jacket and pants, met the buyers on a side street in D.C. to exchange the pair of rare Jordan sneakers for money.

The shooter and his friends can be seen standing at a distance in the video as if they are bracing themselves for something to come. Once the seller shows the pair of Jordans to the buyer and he has them in his possession, he pulls out a gun and attempts to shoot the man in the face at point blank range. Over a pair of sneakers…

The man in the red jacket reacts quickly and he slaps the shooter’s hand away as he is about to be shot. The man who was attempting to sell the shoes then begins to run away and attempts to dodge the subsequent shots, which he does so successfully.

The incident was captured on a security camera that was setup in the neighborhood and Washington D.C. police are aware of the incident. No injuries were reported in the incident. No suspects have been captured as of yet.