Kevin Durant Looks Like He Wants To Kill Drake After He “Accidentally” Bumps Into Him


Drake is a character. He showed up to the Warriors vs. Raptors game wearing a shirt of NBA sideline reporter Doris Burke, and when asked about it on the sideline he said, “Let her know dinner at my house anytime as long as she comes alone.”

Later during the same game, Kevin Durant was sitting on the scorers table waiting to come into the game when Toronto hit a clutch bucket.

Drake let K.D. know about it by staring him down:

Source: NBA
Source: NBA

Good one Drake. You gotta love how Drake acts like he plays in the league and he casually talks trash to opposing teams and players. You need to stop it Drake. Stick to rapping.

The best part of the evening came after the game during Durant’s post-game interview.

Durant was fulfilling his post-game duties and answering questions about his performance that night, and Drake “accidentally” bumps into him and it sounds like he says “Watch out man,” although it’s hard to tell exactly what he says.

Kevin Durant then literally gives Drake a long death stare as he walks away. You know K.D. is definitely bumping Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers 4 mixtape right now.

Watch the video below: