Mark Wahlberg Tells Conor McGregor To “Cut The Check” If He Wants UFC Ownership

Conor McGregor finally made his long awaited “big announcement” after he KO’d Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205. He announced that if the UFC wants him to keep fighting, they need to cut him into the ownership of the company.

McGregor says he “needs to be set for life” because he has a baby on the way and he doesn’t know how long he can keep fighting. Conor is most definitely the biggest star in the UFC right now and he’s the one whose selling the PPV fights. Without him, the UFC could still do solid numbers, but nowhere near as high.

TMZ Sports caught up with Mark Wahlberg and they asked him what he thought about Conor wanting an ownership stake. Wahlberg said he’s perfectly fine with it but Conor needs to “cut the check.”

“Cut the check,” Wahlberg said. “As a matter of fact, I’ll give him a piece of mine, because you know what, he’s the face of the UFC right now. But also, in business, you gotta cut the check.”

It seems that McGregor was implying he should be handed equity ownership merely because of the value he provides within the organization, but is he willing to pay for his slice of the pie? We’ll see. He certainly has leverage because if Conor refuses to fight, that $4.2 billion dollar price tag the UFC was purchased for might not be as valuable anymore without him.