Incredible: Tesla Demonstrates How Its Self-Driving Technology Works!

Source: Tesla Motors
Source: Tesla Motors

The following video is absolutely incredible. Tesla has announced that their new models will be able to be fully self-driving. Tesla has released a video of a driver making a commute without touching the steering wheel or pedals alongside the actual video of the computer systems that control the self-driving system.

The video shows how Tesla’s cameras are able to read and analyze everything on the road and perfectly respond to all elements whether it’s congested traffic, a stop sign, or a human entering the field of view.

This is groundbreaking technology that will usher in a new future for mankind. Although there have been a few reported accidents in which Tesla’s self-driving systems have malfunctioned and led to the drivers being killed, Elon Musk has gone on record stating that the self-driving technology in a Tesla is far superior to that of a human driver.

The ramifications of this reach far and wide. Once this sort of technology reaches mass adoption by the entire populous, long gone will be the days of drunk drivers harming themselves or others, senior citizens being unable to drive, and potentially change the world’s business landscape.

Truck drivers, delivery drivers, taxi cabs, and Ubers will be a thing of the past. An entire workforce of people who make their living behind the wheel of a car will be displaced and left jobless. This is a growing worldwide trend of technology making unskilled workers obsolete.

The benefits will be incredible to some and likewise the drawbacks will be horrible to others depending which side of the fence you fall on and how this affects you.