Indianapolis Colts Trick Tennessee Titans With A Very Elaborate Screen Pass To Frank Gore

Source: NFL Source: NFL

Whichever coach on the Colts drew up this incredible play deserves a pay raise and a promotion. The Indianapolis Colts pulled off this incredibly tricky play against the Tennessee Titans this past weekend en route to a solid 24-17 victory.

As you can see from above, Frank Gore starts out in the wildcat formation. In the wildcat formation, the quarterback is generally replaced in the backfield by a running back who takes a direct snap from the center.

Frank Gore then pitches the ball to Andrew Luck who puts on an Oscar winning performance and sells the Titans defense on making it look like he’s about to throw a deep ball down the field.

Meanwhile, Frank Gore just casually slips past the defensive line and nobody notices him anymore due to all the confusion. Luck hits Gore with a quick completion and because the defense was sold on the threat of the deep ball, Gore is able to run for 49 yards down to the Tennessee 5-yard line.

Luck then connected with his stud red zone threat Donte Moncrief two plays later to put the Colts up 14-0.