Drake Sings Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” In New Apple Music Commercial

Apple Music released their new commercial during the 2016 American Music Awards last night and it didn’t disappoint. The commercial is a clever flip of the very popular commercial they did with Taylor Swift where she runs on the treadmill while she sings “Jumpman” by Drake, and she ends up slipping on the treadmill and falling flat on her face.

The commercial starts out with Drake lifting weights with his shirtless buddy and pushing out an intense set. The music playing in the room is of course a Drake song.

Once Drake’s buddy ends up leaving the room, Drake looks around to make sure he’s gone, and puts on his pop playlist from Apple Music. What song comes on first? You guessed it, “Bad Blood”.

Drake then begins lip syncing the song while dancing and generally having the time of his life. Drake then goes on to bench press what looks like 225 lbs, and he pulls out a rep before the weight collapses onto his chest, and he falls off of the bench press.

See what they did there?