Chimpanzee Plays With VR Headset And He Loves It!

Source: TIGERS Preservation via Facebook
Source: TIGERS Preservation via Facebook

This is Sugriva, a playful chimp that resides in the South Carolina-based preservation institute Myrtle Beach Safari. Sugriva isn’t an ordinary chimp by any means, he gets to play with VR headsets while chilling under a blanket.

Last week, a couple of videos showing the chimp showed up on the internet and have since gone viral. The incredible footage captures Sugriva as he puts on an HTC Vive headset and proceeds to get lost in the VR world, swiping at things in front of him as if they were actually there.

Following their decision to share Sugriva’s adventures with the VR headset, the institute has faced criticism from animal rights groups claiming that this technology will have negative effects on the chimp. These people complaining know nothing about the technology or how it actually works, they just need something to complain about.

Employees of the Myrtle Beach Safari remain steadfast of the positive effects of the VR headset. The institute further said it has no plans to remove the chimp’s access to the the technology, claiming the animal “loves this stuff.”

Watch the video below: