Two Guys Try To Pick A Fight With A Bouncer And They Get Destroyed!

These two guys really picked the wrong bouncer to mess with. The video starts out with the bouncer kicking out the two intoxicated men and an onlooker decides to start filming.

The video starts getting really good about 28 seconds in when the two girls obstructing the view go inside the bar. This is when you can see one of the tough guys egging on the bouncer by slapping his own face a few times like he’s ready for some action.

That same man then lands a weak punch to the face on the bouncer. This is when you can see his buddy, the larger man, come in and also land a baby soft punch to the face of the bouncer.

The bouncer isn’t fazed at all…

He whips out his radio and calls for some backup to arrive. The original assailant in the blue shirt then tries to pull some sort of Street Fighter move, complete with the goofy sound effects, which ends up in a slap that hits all air.

The bouncer then fends off the second attacker with a nice kick (maybe he has some MMA experience?), and then clobbers the guy in the blue shirt with a nice shot to the face. You can hear the contact. He then makes solid contact with the second attacker.

The guy filming can be heard saying, “Game Over.” Exactly like Street Fighter.

The big guy then charges like an oaf and gets hit with a shot to the back of the head and immediately topples over like a house of cards. He’s out cold…

Blue shirt man then realizes he has no physical course of action to take anymore so he just starts trying to spit on the bouncer from a distance because he’s been completely physically dismantled.

Blue shirt guy then picks his buddy up, whose is in a coma similar to Sleeping Beauty, and they call it a day.