Justin Bieber Punches A Fan Trying To Reach Into His Car And Touch His Face!

Justin Bieber was in Barcelona being driven by his chauffeur to a performance, when a Spanish fan decided he wanted to reach out and touch The Biebs.

The grab-happy fan can be seen inserting his arm into Justin’s car and trying to rub his hand on Justin’s chest. The fan then continues to run with the car and can be seen trying to caress Bieber’s face. The fan learned an important lesson. Never touch Bieber’s face…

Bieber has spent time with Floyd Mayweather and has clearly learned a thing or two from the boxing legend. Justin felt violated and he reached out and hit the over-eager fan with a nice jab directly to the face.

The fan was completely shocked. He ran around excitedly telling everyone that Bieber just punched him as he spits out blood from his mouth. The fan honestly looks more excited than angry, probably because he now will forever be able to tell the tale of how Justin Bieber rocked him in the face.