Michael Jordan Can’t Stop Laughing After Tony Allen Schools Marco Belinelli

Source: NBA
Source: NBA

Michael Jordan must have a great sense of humor. His team, The Charlotte Hornets, are about lose to The Memphis Grizzlies, and First Team All-Defensive player Tony Allen just pulled a nasty spin move on Marco Belinelli and scored.

For whatever reason, Jordan finds this absolutely hilarious. Maybe Tony Allen said something to him on the sideline? Maybe it’s because Tony Allen isn’t exactly known as an offensive-minded player who goes to the bucket? Either way, Jordan absolutely loses it.

The camera shows Jordan laughing hysterically as The Hornets’ bench looks a little bit more stoic and displeased. This is probably because Jordan is worth over a billion dollars and doesn’t care anymore. He’s just a billionaire with court side tickets enjoying a nice basketball game at this point.

The camera cuts away from Jordan for a second and to Tony Allen and it looks like Allen is talking a little smack. The camera then cuts back to Michael Jordan and it looks like he’s laughing even harder than he was before…

Watch the video below: