Insane: Three Guys With Jetpacks And Wings Fly Alongside French Jets

This is Yves Rossy, also known as Alpha Jetman. Yves and his two buddies Vincent Reffet and Fred Fugen teamed up with Patrouille de France’s Alphajets, one of the best precision aerobatics teams in the world, to perform the incredible stunt seen in the video above.

Using nothing more than jetpacks and custom built wings, Yves and his buddies fly alongside actual jets in the south of France.

This is not easy by any means, as the men are flying a few meters from the jets and they are controlling the jetpacks with very subtle body movements. If you freak out and make a jerky motion it could be game over.

Yves Rossy has performed similar feats in the past. In November 2015, he flew alongside an Airbus A380 in Dubai, which is probably why his wings have the Dubai logo on them in this video as well.