54-Year-Old French Guy Climbs A Barcelona Skyscraper With No Harness!

Source: ODN
Source: ODN

“French Spiderman” Alain Robert just scaled one of Barcelona’s tallest skyscrapers without a harness or safety net of any kind.

Police officers and onlookers stood by and watched as the 54-year-old man climbed up the Torre Agbar on Friday, November 25, 2016. The Torre Agbar is a glass-covered office building known for its night-time illuminations, and Robert was able to scale it in one hour.

Alain Robert has climbed over 100 structures to date, including the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

After climbing back down the 38-story building, Robert was very quickly apprehended by police officers and arrested.