Huge Black Friday Fight Breaks Out In Front Of A J. C. Penney

It’s that time of the year again. Turkeys are cooking, the mashed potatoes are nice and creamy, and people are getting stomped out over whose going to get the bast Black Friday deals.

This year is no different. As you can see in the video above, the mall fight starts out with just a few people but quickly escalates to about 15-20 people in an all out melee.

It’s absolute pandemonium. The camera guy filming the whole thing makes the entire video. He can be heard saying halfway through the video, “Oh Sh*t! J.C. Penney going down!”

Eventually everyone calms down near the end of the video. They probably decided it wasn’t worth fighting over some mint chocolate Milano cookies… or whatever incredible bargain they were trying to scoop up.

Just be a gentleman and show up the day after Black Friday and get your item without causing mass chaos.