Mariah Carey Just Got Caught Using Photoshop On Her Instagram Photos

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Many celebrities recently posted tons of photos of their Thanksgiving celebrations. Mariah Carey also shared a few shots on Instagram of her Turkey Day festivities, except she’s now being called out by all of her fans and trolls alike for using Photoshop to digitally enhance her appearance.

Mariah Carey certainly wouldn’t be the first celebrity to get caught using Photoshop to alter her social media photos, but it’s embarrassing nonetheless. The Kardashians, Zendaya, Lena Dunham, and Britney Spears have all been called out as well for editing their photos.

So can you actually spot the digital alterations in the photo above? Look very closely…

Look at the mirror near Mariah’s hand holding the pie, do you see the slight curve of the mirror? Also, look between Mariah’s knees, do you see how the cabinet is bending inwards slightly?



Mariah’s followers started calling her out in droves as you can see by the comments in the original Instagram photo. Mariah doesn’t seem to care too much though, as the original photo is still up on her account and she has since posted more photos of her vacation in Hawaii. Maybe she doesn’t read the comments and no one from her team told her?