Biker Gets Revenge On Road Rager After Being Hit With A Water Bottle


What you see above is a still frame of the most crucial part of the video, a nice big rock that’s about to go crashing through the minivan’s driver-side window.

It’s hard to tell exactly who the initial instigator was in the video because the motorcycle rider might’ve started filming at an opportune time and may have cut out parts of him driving recklessly on the road, but who knows?

The video starts out with the minivan you see in the photo above speeding up to pass the motorcycle and the passenger rolls down his window and gives the biker the middle finger. The biker reciprocates the gesture in return.

The biker then speeds up to catch up to the minivan and the passenger rolls down his window and throws a water bottle directly at the biker. This is extremely dangerous and could’ve caused a serious accident, but luckily it didn’t, or else that passenger could’ve been on the hook for assault.

The video then has a few cuts and the biker shows himself stopping to pick up a nice fat rock and then cuts back to when he catches up to the minivan once again. He pulls up close to the driver side and chucks the rock with precision right through the window which cracks immediately upon impact.

Watch the video below: