Crazy Video: Man Does A Flip In Front Of An Oncoming Subway Train!

The man in this video is both absolutely fearless and extremely crazy! The video starts out with the cameraman zooming in on his buddy who is seated on a subway bench wearing a mask covering the bottom half of his face and a crisp pair of Adidas sneakers.

The subject of the video then ties his shoelaces, because remember, safety first…

The guy being filmed then disappears out of the field of view for a brief moment, and then the camera pans to show an oncoming subway train. Don’t blink, because the guy being filmed then runs out of nowhere and does a front flip right in front of the oncoming train which misses him by a few feet.

The train engineer then sounds the horn which does absolutely nothing at this point but at least he’s doing his job. We can deduce that this takes place in Russia because the front of the train has Russian lettering on it.

The jumper has successfully completed the jump and then looks at the camera and signals his buddy to cut the tape.