Doc Rivers Gets Ejected From Game For Arguing Call And Losing His Mind!

Source: NBA/YES Network
Source: NBA/YES Network

Doc Rivers, coach of the L.A. Clippers, was ejected from a game against the Brooklyn Nets in overtime because he argued against a call and then he proceeded to completely lose his mind. His entire team needed to hold him back or else he might have ripped off the ref’s face Hannibal Lecter style.

Doc was originally arguing a foul call made by the NBA’s only remaining female referee, Lauren Holtkamp, when he crossed over center court into the opposing team’s territory. Apparently a coach can’t go that far onto the other team’s side, and this prompted the other referee across the court to call a technical foul on Doc Rivers.

The Clippers have a long history with Holtkamp dating back a few years ago by the way, when Chris Paul questioned in a post-game press conference if she’s cut out to be an NBA referee.

This is when Doc Rivers starts to lose his mind. He gets into the face of the ref who called the technical on him and you can clearly see he says “Bulls—!”, referring to the call.

When the referee walks away from Rivers, Doc isn’t having it and he starts really going off, cursing and trying to make his way back towards the referee. Assistant coaches and DeAndre Jordan have to literally hold Rivers back as he’s screaming and trying to break free, and the referee finally ejects him from the game.

The Clippers were up 13 points on Brooklyn in the fourth quarter and they blew the lead and had to go into overtime so Doc’s frustrations may also be stemming from that aspect. The Clippers ended up losing the game.

Watch the video below: