J.R. Smith Stops Playing Defense To Say What’s Up To Jason Terry During A Live Play…

Source: NBA
Source: NBA

If the choice is between playing defense during a regular season game or saying what’s up to one his boys, J.R. Smith will never leave a friend hanging. There’s no words to describe J.R. Smith’s endless antics. Going shirtless for 2 days straight after the Cavs win the NBA Finals, jacking up insane shots from anywhere on the court at anytime, and just being an all around boss, J.R. Smith has it covered.

During this Cavs vs Bucks regular season game, J.R. Smith can be seen going to the Bucks sideline to give a hug and a handshake to his old pal Jason Terry. This is DURING a play when the Bucks are about to inbound the ball!

The man who J.R. is supposed to be covering, Tony Snell, realizes what’s happening and quickly slides down the baseline and calls for the ball. He then proceeds to score the easiest 2 points ever, while J.R. Smith is still catching up on old times and doesn’t even realize what happened.

The best part is that Kyrie Irving and Iman Shumpert just both raise their arms in disbelief and frustration as to why J.R. is standing around having a casual chit-chat instead of guarding his man.

This is why Lebron always has to keep an eye on J.R. and keep him in line like he’s one of Lebron’s kids who isn’t following the rules.