This Video Of A Giraffe Stomping Out A Lion Is Crazy!

This is one of the great questions that mankind has always asked themselves. “What would happen if a cheetah fought a gorilla? What about if a komodo dragon fought a jaguar? Who would win?”

Well now mankind has the answer to who would win in a fight between a lion and a giraffe… It’s the giraffe. At least in this particular case.

The video shows the lion carefully timing his jump and attempted kill shot at the giraffe’s throat. Nice try buddy. The lion times the jump well and actually does get a paw onto the giraffe’s throat area, but is unable to hold on.

The giraffe just strides through lion’s body and knocks it to the ground with ease. The lion lands on its back with some significant force, which can easily knock the wind out of you if you’re human, and I’m sure lions are affected this way as well.

The giraffe then continues its gallop and lands a couple well-placed stomps to the lion’s head and body region. Game Over. If this was Mortal Kombat, the screen would say “Finish Him!” at that point.