Girl Hits A Male Student With A Brick In The Middle Of Classroom!

This video starts out innocently enough. A girl is bugging the male classmate behind her and grabbing his arm. A male classmate then enters the frame and is seen walking to the front of the classroom.

A different female classmate then suddenly enters the frame with a brick in her hand and she smashes the male walking to the front of the class in the back of the head with the aforementioned brick! WHAM!

The guy who gets hit with the brick goes down immediately and the surrounding classmates being to freak out as they realize something crazy is going down.

The female assailant then takes a couple of swings at the seemingly unconscious male classmate.

The teacher immediately gets on the school phone and can be heard saying “Security! Security! She’s got a brick…”

This video was originally posted on WorldStarHipHop and there is no word yet as to whether the girl faced any criminal charges for her actions.