Thief Steals A Bucket Of Gold Flakes Worth $1.6M Off An Armored Truck In Plain Sight!

Source: Associated Press
Source: Associated Press

Police in New York City just released footage of an unplanned heist that took place on September 30, 2016. The man pictured above stumbled onto an unguarded armor truck and he stole a 5-gallon metal bucket from the truck that contained $1.6 million in gold flakes.

The driver of the armored truck left it unguarded because he went to the front cab for a moment to retrieve his cell phone, according to his statements given to police.

Police say the suspect likely didn’t have any idea as to what the bucket contained. The thief carried the bucket containing the gold flakes up the street, taking an hour to complete what would normally be considered a 10-minute walk. He then hopped into a white van and fled. The suspect is believed to be hiding out in Florida.

Watch the full surveillance video of the heist below: