OMG: Lion Attacks One Of The Trainers During A Circus Performance!


It was only a matter of time. This is what happens when you try to tame a 400 lb animal who is normally the apex predator in its environment. You can try to whip the creature as many times as you want to try and control it, but eventually one of these lions decided it had enough.

The somewhat grainy footage starts out simply enough. A bunch of children and parents are at a circus performance where lions are performing choreographed tricks inside of a prison-like cage.

It sounds like Arabic is being spoken by the people in the audience so we’re assuming this takes place somewhere in the Middle East.

Some nice techno music is going off in the background to add some flare to the overall performance.

One of the lions climbs up a ladder and the trainer holds some kind of stick to keep the attention of the beast. If you watch closely, one of the lions on the ground gets in a crouched position and you can see it getting ready to attack, and so it does.

The lion seizes the moment and starts mauling the trainer. Children can be heard instantly screaming from the bleachers. Everyone goes into a panic. A few of the other trainers run over and start trying to whip the lion to get him off of the trainer. It’s hard to tell if it’s working as the cameraman pans away from the action for a bit.

It’s hard to tell if the trainer was badly injured, but from the last glimpse in the video, it looks like he’s laying pretty lifelessly on the ground.

Watch the video below: