Amazon Unveils Their Grocery Stores With No Lines And Instant Checkout!

Amazon just revealed their new grocery stores they’ll be rolling out and it’s an absolute game changer. The whole idea is that they’ll be removing cashiers from the equation and checkout will be done instantaneously through sensors and deep learning algorithms.

Amazon claims in the video that this is the same technology that powers self-driving cars. This is a recent technological trend of automating many menial tasks that will see computers replacing unskilled workers.

Many people throughout the U.S. are fighting¬†for a $15/hour federal minimum wage and companies are responding by saying, “Sure, you got it. We’ll give you $15 an hour, but we’re going to get rid of all the unnecessary jobs and have machines handle everything else for us.”

As you can see in the video, you’ll enter the store and “sign in” by swiping your phone through a scanner. This is how Amazon will identify your account. You can then walk around the store and every item you pick up will be added to your “virtual shopping cart” through advanced sensors placed throughout the store.

Once you walk out of the store, all of the items you picked up will then be automatically charged to your Amazon account. This is the future of how grocery stores will begin to operate in the next few years. Amazon is set to open the first store like this early 2017 in Seattle, Washington.