Klay Thompson Scores Career High 60 Points In 29 Minutes!

Klay Thompson just went off! Klay scored 60 points in only 29 minutes of action against the Indiana Pacers and the most impressive part is that he only dribbled the ball 11 times total to achieve his incredible feat.

In the modern era of the NBA, Kobe Bryant was able to achieve an 81 point game and that was by staying in throughout the entire game. Wilt Chamberlain famously scored 100 points but that was before “3 seconds in the key” was a rule, so he was just able to live in the paint without consequences.

Klay racked up his 60 points in less than 3 total quarters of actual game play. Golden State was up by 30 against the Indiana Pacers going into the 4th quarter, so head coach Steve Kerr took Thompson out of the game so they wouldn’t embarrass the other team and showboat.

Thompson mentioned in the post-game press conference that he believed he could’ve achieved 80+ points had he stayed in for the remainder of the game.

Golden State is all about team basketball and sharing the ball; they average 8 assists more per game than any other NBA team up to this point in the season. However, Kerr should’ve given Thompson the option to stay in the game to potentially make history. Phil Jackson notably would always give Kobe the option to sit or play when he was making his legendary runs.