22 Men With Firearms Post Mannequin Challenge On Facebook And Lead Police Right To Them

This video is definitely a very unique take on the mannequin challenge. Men lined the streets holding pistols and shotguns, all frozen in time and pointed at each other as if an epic gun battle was in the midst of happening.

There’s a minivan full of people engaging a crew of people at a house as if this was supposed to be a drive-by shooting. One of the shooters hides underneath a car with a shotgun.

Another man hides behind a plastic trash can for cover…good thinking guy, that will really stop the bullets from hitting you.

This entire video was just as bad of an idea as the guy hiding behind the plastic trash can, because these men filmed it on one of their properties and then posted it on Facebook for the world to see, including the police.

So the police said thanks for snitching on yourselves and decided to go visit the property this was filmed at. Two of the men from the mannequin video were present on the property, and were arrested for a litany of charges, one of them being illegal firearm possession.

Terry Brown and Kenneth White (Source: Madison County Jail)

The mannequin challenge video was filmed in Huntsville, Alabama and has been shared more than 85,000 times since being posted on Nov. 9, 2016. It’s safe to say that a lot of people saw the video.

Some of those people who saw the video worked at the Madison County Sheriff’s office, and they had a sneaking suspicion that the people in the video might not have permits for those guns.

Since these filmmakers outed themselves by showing their property on video, police didn’t have a hard time tracking them down, and they had an even easier time securing a search warrant.

Inside the house, police found a treasure trove of illegal goodies.

Police confiscated two handguns, one assault rifle, a single-barrel shotgun, a tactical vest, and many rounds of ammunition and multiple magazines.

They also found several bags of marijuana broken down for resale and a grinder.