Michael Jordan Surprises Fan Who Went Viral For Playing Basketball In Exact 90’s-Era Jordan Uniform

Michael Jordan may have been a jerk at times throughout his life, like the time he was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame and talked crap about anyone who ever slighted him, but this story is heartwarming and shows M.J. is really a good guy.

Jeffrey Harrison recently went viral because he was captured on video playing a pickup basketball game decked out in a replica of Michael Jordan’s exact 90’s uniform. Jeffrey had all the details perfected, down to the wrist band.

The internet both praised Jeffrey for his attention to detail and some people of course had to put him down and make fun of him. That’s what the internet does…

It turns out that Jeffrey was diagnosed as being autistic as a child, and he suffers from a seizure disorder and mild retardation.

Michael Jordan saw the video of Jeffrey playing and heard about his situation, so he decided to personally reach out to Jeffrey and give him some gifts for being such a huge fan.

M.J. personally called Jeffrey on the phone and sent him a fresh arsenal of Jordan gear. Jeffrey can be seen opening boxes of new Jordan shoes, shirts, warm-ups, and more in the video above.

Michael also included a personalized letter to Jeffrey in the care package. Part of the letter reads, “Thank you for your support over the years. Continue to believe in yourself, play hard and always enjoy the game. Your friend, Michael.”

Regardless of how ruthless a competitor Jordan was known as being, this is definitely a touching story that both profiles a passionate fan in Jeffrey Harrison, and a more compassionate side of Michael Jordan we’re not used to seeing.