Extremely Skilled Barber Cuts “The Last Supper” Into His Client’s Hair

This barber has some serious skills. He’s what you would call a master of his craft. This isn’t a haircut; this is true artistry using someone’s head as the canvas.

The barber first cuts the outline of the painting into the back of his client’s head with a standard clipper. He then lathers up the man’s head with some shaving cream and gives him a precise razor cut to fill in some more of the details.

The final touch is done with an actual paintbrush and black paint which is used to accentuate all of the finest nuances and really bring life to the man’s haircut/painting.

Barbers often use a black pencil or some type of paint to highlight the edges of a haircut and to give a nice outline to a beard/facial hair. This barber uses his paintbrush to actually paint masterpieces on his clients.

The end of the video shows the barber flashing a tattoo that is inscribed across both of his hands that reads “ORIGINAL”. That is most definitely a factual statement. This is probably the only barber who ever gave a Last Supper haircut.

Leonardo da Vinci would be proud if he was alive today.