Hilarious Kid Reviews Chicken Spots In The U.K. In A Suit And Tie

Who doesn’t love some delicious fried chicken? This video was posted under the YouTube username “Chicken Connoisseur”. The entire video series centers around a hilarious kid from the U.K. going around and reviewing London’s most famous chicken spots.

The kicker is that the kid wears a suit and tie in every single episode.

This recently went viral because someone saw this kid on YouTube and posted a link to Reddit of the above video. As of this article being written, on Dec. 13, 2016, this video has already gained 1.8 million views and counting since being posted about a week ago.

The entire series is called “The Pengest Munch”. You probably have no idea what that means if you don’t live in the U.K.

Don’t worry, we didn’t know either. “Peng” is a slang term from the U.K. that is generally defined as the following:¬†Often used to describe a person. Means ‘fit’, ‘hot’, or ‘good-looking’.
Can also be used to describe something you enjoy, like food.

“That girl is well peng.”
“This pizza is so nice, it tastes peng.”

The kid usually reviews the chicken, fries, and a chicken burger or sandwich in each episode and gives them a rating from 1-5. Rumors are now swirling around the internet that BBC has seen the videos and is thinking about giving this kid some kind of t.v. deal to bring this series to BBC Three.