WTF: Bodybuilders Inject Their Muscles With Oil To Make Them Look Bigger

This is a scary and growing trend in Brazil. Bodybuilders are injecting themselves with oil in order to artificially inflate their muscles and make them appear much larger.

The only problem is that you’re never supposed to inject cooking oil into your body with a syringe. Your body doesn’t know what’s going on and treats the foreign substance as an invader. This shocking practice can often cause very serious and life-threatening infections.

Source: TLC

One of the bodybuilders profiled in the video, Valdir, goes to a doctor because he has developed a serious infection in his upper shoulder which needs to be dealt with.

The doctors do an MRI scan of his muscles and they show him some horrifying results. As you can see from the picture above, the black area that the doctor is pointing at with the pen is Valdir’s actual muscle tissue. The white matter in the scan is all of the product that Valdir has injected himself with.

The product Valdir has injected himself with has eaten up and taken over the entire muscle. Yikes!

The doctor then sees that Valdir has recently injected his bicep, so he squeezes on it and puss and pure oil begin seeping out from Valdir’s arm.

This is becoming an all-too-common trend to just opt for some kind of homemade plastic surgery procedure to inflate various body parts instead of exercising and working out to achieve the desired results.