Good Day LA News Anchor Crashes An Electric Scooter Live On Air

What a way to start your day! You’re getting ready for work, drinking a cup of coffee, and you turn on Good Day LA to see what’s happening in the world.

You hear Lisa the lovable news anchor blurt out, “I have to drive it,” in regards to the new Route 66 electric scooter they’re demonstrating on live television. The news anchor in the background is excitedly narrating all of the features: They are electric, they go up to 25 miles an hour, they are amazing…

Just at that moment, Lisa decides to take the scooter for a whirl and give it all she’s got. As soon as she hits the accelerator you can hear all of the female news anchors (including Lisa) start screaming as if they know something bad is about to happen.

Lisa takes off and probably hits about 20 mph on the electric scooter. Lisa clearly panics and doesn’t know how to brake, and she crashes full speed into a stand holding a pricey looking flat-screen monitor. The monitor lands on the ground and so does Lisa, face first.

You can hear Lisa recover from the embarrassing fall and say, “Oh dear, I’m good! Oh, my face!”

Crew members immediately rush over to help Lisa as best as they can. If you watch closely, the best part is that one of the other news anchors doesn’t care at all, and is having the time of his life riding one of the other electric scooters around the set.