Dan Blizerian Might Be The King Of Instagram, But Check Out His Old MySpace Photos!

 Dan Blizerian is the epitome of the modern American male icon. He regularly posts photos with stunning women who are nearly naked, he’s always hanging out with celebrities like French Montana, Floyd Mayweather, and T-Pain, and he’s always doing cool stuff like shooting huge machine guns or driving a tank.

Oh, he also claims that he has won nearly $100 million from playing poker against very wealthy individuals worth billions. Blizerian also has 20.1 million followers on his Instagram page, essentially making him the king of the social platform.

Someone found his old MySpace photos from the mid-2000’s. Remember MySpace? This is back when Blizerian was just a college-aged frat boy attending the University of Florida. Click “Next” to check out the MySpace photos.

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