Very Well Trained Dog Waits For Permission To Eat A Burger

This dog is extremely well trained. He has a juicy burger in his mouth and he’s dying to chow down and have a bite. He’s literally drooling at the mouth…

He can’t have a bite though because his owner hasn’t given him permission yet. The dog waits very patiently for close to a minute until a female voice is heard saying, “Do you want it? Do you want it? Ok! Good boy!”

The dog then knows it’s ok for him to feast on his delicious hamburger.

As the video trails off, a male voice in the background can be heard jokingly saying, “There is sooo much slobber!”

Dogs contain 99% of the same DNA that wolves have, and dogs in fact descended from wolves. When humans began domesticating dogs, they began breeding them to their liking and this is why dogs come in so many shapes and sizes.

In the wolf hierarchy, the alpha wolf is always the one who gets his choice of the tastiest body parts after a kill (heart and liver). The subservient wolves then can have the leftover meat that is less savory.

This is most likely why dogs like the one in the video above respond to training in this sort of way. In this case, the human is the alpha and since they provide the dog with his food source, the dog is prepared to unquestioningly obey when and how he can eat.

Also, check out the dog’s awesome socks. That’s a leisurely pup right there.