Amazon’s Alexa Horribly Misunderstands What This Kid Is Asking For

This kid was innocently asking for Alexa to “play Digger Digger”, a children’s song about construction and excavation equipment. Alexa thought this little guy was looking for something a little more risque.

Alexa doesn’t understand the first request, so the little boy repeats himself, “Alexa, play Digger Digger!”

Alexa then thinks she understands what this little guy is all about. She responds, “You want to hear a station for porn detected…”, and then proceeds to lay down a number of sexual terms which we don’t need to repeat in this text.

This leaves the little boy’s family members scrambling as they all frantically start repeating,”No! No! No No No! No!”

The little guy can’t fully pronounce all of his words yet, so Alexa probably thought he was trying to say “Dick her, dick her,” instead of “Digger, digger.”

As an AI, Alexa has her thumb right on the pulse of the internet so-to-speak, and she most likely receives a large variety of lewd requests from users on a daily basis. This is probably why she started rattling off every sub-genre of adult material based on the kid’s simple request.