Lakers Fan Hits A Half-Court Shot For $95,000!

After the third quarter of a recent Lakers vs. Grizzlies game, the Lakers gave a chance to a lucky fan to try and sink a half-court shot. If he hit the shot, they would give him $95,000.

You can obviously tell by the title of this post that the fan made the shot…

The lucky fan named Gerald tried to hype up the crowd and immediately upon hitting the shot, he gestured to his arm and did the same celebration D’Angelo Russell is known for, the “I got ice in my veins, bruh!”

The crowd went absolutely nuts and even the Lakers players came over and started high-fiving Gerald on the sick shot he just hit. D’Angelo Russell also came over and joined in with the “ice in the veins” move.

When Gerald was asked what he was going to spend the money on, he said he was going to buy his mom a new car. What a nice guy. Good for you Gerald!